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Make Your Dream Building Come Into Reality 2015-11-10 09:19:40|Admin

3D scale model making is now very common, to complete a building is always to go through a lot of steps, but in these steps, the most important thing is the beginning of the idea, which requires professional people to operate. When the vision is completed, how can let their imagination into a real three-dimensional look like? Direct construction? No, that is too time-consuming and money waste. The best way is to use the model to simulate the way the imagination, so that both can clearly be seen that after the completion of the way, but not too waste of money, the loss will be much smaller.

 Hongkong Core Creek Mountain Wood Models

Actually, find a professional commercial housing models manufacturing company like Betty Models, which gains rich experience in the field of commercial housing models, exhibition planning models, 3d architectural models etc, can solve the most important question- quality


As many clients are interested in the production process from 2d works 3d works reality models. The company is also pleased to tell them the specific steps.


1. Without the Auto Cad drawings, can also realize the structures inside or outside the building through the initial blueprints. (It is the first and the most important documents that help us handle the work smoothly.)


2. Intelligent 3D designers can easily but exactly draw out the computer graphic of the building's interior plan site. All the attached furniture and decoration are also designed by our staff's inspiration so that to perfect the final production.


3. Personnel in the workshop begin to build this house according to the structure drawn on the blueprint and computer graphic. The transparent organic glass is especially on the purpose of showing the interior design to people.


4. The completed model of the interior floor plan. The color, size and other details are fully subjected to the description on the 3D rendering.


5. The 3D rendering with outside environment. This architectural simulation is also worked out on computer after analyzing the blueprints and the designer's explanations.


6. The specific sizes are necessary to create the model.


7. The final model is finished from 2D work into reality. The production is amazing and wonderful as expected.


8. The special feature of the model. Lighting and small decoration like cars are equipped so as to lead the model to a lovely and lifelike atmosphere.


9. The professional personnel are checking the electric circuit to make sure the lights all right.


10. Before we delivery the models to clients, we should carefully pack them and protect the models from pressure and damage.


You can find the manufacturer of model making like http://www.bettymodels.com/ who job always be well done on time, safe shipment and within budget. And Whatever your ideas, they can work to bring your concepts and ideas into the real world-3D models. From a simple concept model to a fully detailed model, come with the sound, light and movement, to show a real fantastic small world.

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