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Welcome to Betty Models!


Betty Models is a custom model making factory, creating scale models more than 12 years for over 50 countries’ customers.

We specialize in customize ship models,industrial machinery models,architectural models,gift models and 3D prop models and so on.

With more than 12 years model making experience, coupled with advanced techniques and experienced craftsmen. Our works always be well done,on time and safe shipment.


What makes us unique from most other model making companies is that Betty Models always customize your models in the spirit of craftsmanship.


A professional model master craftsman brings your project to life in a tangible way. Models are educational, interactive, easily understood and universally appealing.

A model built by a professional master craftsman is an excellent communication tool for any industry. Whether it is used as a display model, for training or to sell a product or idea, a model allows you to directly experience what is being offered, something drawings or computer simulations simply can’t do. Scale models help people understand what you have to offer in a concrete, lasting way.


Whatever your ideas,we can work to bring your concepts and ideas into the real world.From a simple concept model to a fully detailed model,come with the sound,light and movement,to show a real fantastic small world!


Once you customize one model from us,you must want to establish long term cooperation with us.Because our model quality and service is second to none.


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