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Welcome and thanks for your stopping by Betty Models.

Betty Models is a reliable professional worldwide model maker In China.

Our customers are all over the world.Our work covers architectural models,ship models and industrial models and so on.

With 10 years of development in Shanghai,we quickly earned a high reputation due to our outstanding quality and service.


We have  full equipments and tools,include laser machines,CNC machines,3D printers,corner cutter machines, table saws and traditional modelmaker tools.

The value of model is not only a story but also a fund raising.Raise your fund by our models in these ways: Design Review, Project Inspection, Trade Shows, PublicDisplay, Advertising, SalesOffice, Convention, Preconstruction, Presentation, Court Room,Public Relation,Mock Up…etc.

As an A-list model maker in China,our job always be well done,on time,safe shipment and within budget. Whatever your ideas,we can work to bring your concepts and ideas into the real world-3D physical models.From a simple concept model to a fully detailed model,come with the sound,light and movement,to show a real fantastic small world!

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Architectural Model Maker



Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What information is required to get a quotation? 

1) site plan dwg format and model scale

       (To get model dimension:length * width)

2) Elevation dwg format or only some project’s photographs 

       (With this infos,we can know how many buildings and building style and height)

3)Model need color or white,model with ground different levels or only flat,how many sets lighting you need 

With above information,we can calculate a right model cost and shipment cost to you.But we understand this isn’t always possible,so also you can discribe your project model which indicate above points and send us some simples project pictures,we also can make quotation for you. if you are at the very early stages of a project we can supply a rough cost from very minimal information. 


2.How much does a model cost? 

There is no definite answer since each model is an unique project, Price depends on your model’s complex and how big of your models. Big complicated models obviously cost higher than small simple models,We will give our estimate cost to you once we check whatever information you send us,Of course,if you have no idea to make how big or what kind models, just tell us your model purpose and budge, we will propose a good scale model to you within your budge.


3.How long does a model can be finish? 

Each model is different,so making time also is different.A simple concept model could take just a few days. A large complex model could take several weeks. Normally,one scale model take 2 to 4 weeks.If client need model urgently,we also can meet client’s deadline.


4.What information is required to build a model? 

The better more good information you give us, the better good model we can make to give you. 

A full set of site plan,floor plans, elevations, sections and perspectives will enable us to make your model quickly and accurately. 

For architectural models,good information we need are as below:

Site plan: show boundaries,buildings outline,roads,landscaping.

Level Plan:showing levels across site

Floor Plans, elevations, sections of all buildings

Perspectives,even any google pictures are also available.

We also need colours infos if its a color model:Color of ground road,pavement,building facade,roof,balcony,railing,window frames...etc  


6.What format should the information be in? 

We work in dwg,so it's better to give us dwg format drawings.If have not,pdfs, jpgs, sketch ups are also fine.

If drawings are not big,just send by email is fine,(Our company's email can receive or send email within 100M attachment)if drawings are very large,send by wetransfer,yousendit..etc are good for us.


7.Does it matter if I am not local? 

Not at all. We make models for clients all over the world Drawings send and communication via email or skype or telephone and regular process photos keep you in touch with progress on your model. 


8.How can I check progress of the model if I am not local? 

We will take close clear model progress photos to you for checking,so client can control each progress of your model.When model complete,we will take very clear and close pictures from different angles to client for confirmation.Only client confirm model is ok,give us order to arrange shipment,we will pack and ship the model to client.


9.How can I check the model color?

Normally,client choose color from color card/book,such as RAL,Pantone,Seigneurie,Munsell,NCS,DIC…etc.Once clients give us those color numbers,we must make 99%  color matching.Some clients prefer to follow pictures to spray color,that's also ok,we will print your pictures from HP printer and put model and picture together to show you color effect.


10.How to keep secret of our drawings?

Many clients have this worry.We are also very serious on this.We have very strict management,employees have no internet,their work computers' USB are locked and taking photos are forbidden in our workshop.

Also we can sign confidential agreement with clients.

11.What materials will the model be made from? 

Normally models made from various high grade plastics such as ABS,plexiglass...etc but we also has experience in working with a variety of different materials,it's depend on client's request.


12.Can I change model during modelmaking? 

Clients should give us final drawings to make models.Once model is already in making,many parts are already made,it can not change.If model do not make,that's ok.Of course,if only a few changes,we will change and without additional cost or delay to the deadline.If changes are many and lead to heavy 

workload,we can make changes but with additional cost.


13.Do I need to come to your modelshop to check the finished model before delivery? 

Do not need.Most clients are happy to sign the models off using emailed photographs. We will send any views or angles you need as well as detailed close-ups of any query areas. Of course,if client want to come to check,it's ok and welcome.

14.How  the model be delivered? 

Most models are delivered by DHL express,Fedex,UPS or shipment companies by air from door to door.It's an easy and quick delivery for clients,most clients prefer this way.However,sometimes,since model is very big,for example,model is 10 meters length and 5 meters width,then we will divide the whole model into several small models,then join them together when models arrive.if need,we can come to your country to set models.We usually suggest client a suitable delivery arrangements  in advance.


15.What material for packing box?

Strong wooden packing box or flight cases,depends on clients' need.

wooden packing box and flight case for architectural models


16.Do you supply plexiglass cover for models?

We supply plexiglass covers for normal size models,when model is very big,we will make plexiglass fence instead of cover.


17.Is the model safe during shipment?

It's safe!We will use kinds of packing material and ways to protect model.With our many years' packing experience,our models almost 100% safe to arrive client's office.


18.How to unpack the packing box?

For many clients who first make model,it's a headache thing.But don't worry,we always make a special your model unpack specification to you,you just follow the steps to unpack the box,you will get a complete nice model.


19.How about your after-sales service?

After sales service is very important to clients and us.We do this very well.

Problem/damage caused by model itself and within one year:

we will make and send damaged parts to client to replace them,all are free.

Problem/damage caused by clients and within one year,we will make and send damaged parts to clients to replace,model parts are free,shipment cost coverred by clients.

After one year,we also do after service,but client cover the cost.

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