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Welcome and thanks for your stopping by Betty Models.

Betty Models is a reliable professional worldwide model maker In China.

Our customers are all over the world.Our work covers architectural models,ship models,house villa models,interior models,industrial models and so on.

With 10 years of development in Shanghai,we quickly earned a high reputation due to our outstanding quality and service.


We have  full equipments and tools,include laser machines,CNC machines,3D printers,corner cutter machines, table saws and traditional modelmaker tools.

The value of model is not only a story but also a fund raising.Raise your fund by our models in these ways: Design Review, Project Inspection, Trade Shows, PublicDisplay, Advertising, SalesOffice, Convention, Preconstruction, Presentation, Court Room,Public Relation,Mock Up…etc.

As an A-list model maker in China,our job always be well done,on time,safe shipment and within budget. Whatever your ideas,we can work to bring your concepts and ideas into the real world-3D physical models.From a simple concept model to a fully detailed model,come with the sound,light and movement,to show a real fantastic small world!

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