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Industrial Models

Industrial Models

Factory transportation scene scale models

Factory transportation scene scale models
Factory transportation scene scale models
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Factory transportation scene scale models

Model scale:1:30
Model dimension: 2000mm×1800mm
Model Material: High strength fiberglass,ABS,acrylic,metal.

Project Description:
This is a factory which make chemical product.All products need pack,ship.Some products need packed in wood packing box then crane lift it into truck,some other products need use oil tank truck to transport.In order to show its company's power,client make one scene scale model.

Model description:
It's called factory transportation scene scale model.
Make out factory shipping departmentall scene models to show the process of packing and shipping.
We make shipping department building model,3 crane models,trolley conveyor model,1 oil tank truck model,van model,car model,wood box model..etc to show all scene.

Model Purpose:Display Model

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