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Building Models

Building Models

Makkah city section models

Makkah city section models
Makkah city section models
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Makkah city section models

Model scale:1:50             Model dimension: 8000*1500 mm         Model Purpose:For big exhibition    

Exterior color city building model with high details finish.

Building scale model underground three floors cut away to make sectioned part.

So underground internal structure include parking,cinema,commercial show to people directly.

This scale building model is very big and long,when people stand there,just similar height 

with people.so if people want to see the sectioned interior,only squat down slightly,then underground all 

floors structure and interior see clearly.

tall building models

For this tall building model exterior commercial area,we make picture poster and logos for all 

retail,shopping mall,coffee,gym,looks very exciting.

scale models


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